Meta: Site Layout, Logo Change, Schedule Update

I’ve updated the site layout, so it’s closer to what I envisioned for this blog.

Posts are now more like a gallery, as opposed to a list of entries. I still need to fix the sidebar to contain categories, etc. Additionally, I intend to change the color scheme a bit, and fix the fonts (particularly for titles) so there’s less dead space.

I’ve also changed the logo to one that better reflects the goals of this blog. The sunface is a play on that from the Old Farmer’s Almanac, but with this face belonging to William Randolph Hearst. While fake news is a “tale as old as time / song as old as rhyme”, Hearst is one of the first big names attached to the phenomenon. Also, his face is kinda creepy in line-drawing form.

The next post I’m working on, originally scheduled for publishing this Thursday, will be pushed back to next Tuesday. The schedule post has been updated, as you can see here: Meta: Tentative Post Schedule for July – August 2017, Site Updates.

EDIT: Added category to post, removed from “uncategorized”.

One comment

  1. Also, I know Hearst didn’t have a beauty mark and that it’s just an artefact from getting a sort of “line drawing” from a photo, but it made him look a little less scary as I was editing so I kept it in.


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