Quickie: The Aforementioned Hilariously-Badly-Photoshopped Image

So in my very first post, I mentioned one of the things I’ve found in my adventures was an image so badly photoshopped, it would be obvious upon seeing it that the news had to be fake. It’s less “photoshopped” and more “pre-Windows7 paint’d”.

Figure 1. Note how the U in “Duterte” is taller than any of the other characters in the “license plate.”

I paid more attention to detail in my Neopets image recolors (done pixel-by-pixel in Paint, both 13- and 26year-old me’s would have you know!) than this however-old-they-are person did in properly aligning the characters in the license plate. Note how the plate doesn’t even seem to have any sort of texture; the photographer was skilled such that the plate essentially glowed so brightly like a flat, magic resonance crystal that will serve as the McGuffin in a fantasy version of The Fast and the Furious.

What’s also great is that they didn’t even bother to make the flag non-pixelated. This isn’t even to mention that no license plate in the Philippines looks like a grey-filled, left-aligned text block with a white font and the (poorly-scaled) Philippine flag somewhere off to the right of that block.[1]

After a reverse image-search, I found the earliest instances of this image (sans photoshop) is in a post from 2015, on a website for a BMW dealer in Bowling Green, Kentucky[2] (Fig. 2).

Figure 2. Screenshot of the earliest-found instance of this specific image I could find.

In my research, I’ve found it common for photos of cars to circulate like crazy without attribution, so if you know the original creator of the image, please let me know.

[1] Kusterman, Michael. “Philippines.” License Plates of the World. Accessed 14 July 2017. (URL: http://www.worldlicenseplates.com/world/AS_PHIL.html)

[2] Clark, Dan. “All-New 2016 BMW M2 More Than Gives Justice to the M-Badge.” BMW of Bowling Green Blog. 06 Nov 2016. Accessed 16 July 2017. (URL: http://bmwusa.bmwofbowlinggreen.com/1197/all-new-2016-bmw-m2-more-than-gives-justice-to-the-m-badge/)

EDIT 18 July 2017: Added categories to post.

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